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Laser Hair Removal

Tired and embarrassed about unwanted hair?

Laser Hair Removal using 


The Mediostar XT®

Laser hair removal is the nmber one laser procedure in America. At The Facial Aesthetic Center, our diode light based
Mediostar XT® Laser Hair Reduction laser technology is used to safely and effectively reduce unwanted hair in most skin types.

The laser uses a Cooling Contact Device that reduces pain and maximizes patient protection by delivering a constant cooling onto the top layers of the skin.  Best of all, it helps decrease treatment time and allows for quick recovery. To understand how the Mediostar XT® works, it helps to know a little bit more about how hair grows and how laser light vaporizes unwanted hair growth. 

How does hair grow?
Hair forms in a pouch-like structure below the skin called a hair follicle. What we perceive as hair is actually the hair shaft, which is the keratinized, hardened tissue that grows from this follicle. The best hair color for the laser light to target is dark blonde to black. Our laser specialist will explain more during your consultation. Everyone's hair grows differently, depending on age, weight, metabolism, hormones, ethnicity, medications, and other factors. But all hair goes through three distinct growth stages: 

Active growth phase (called the anagen phase) lasts up to 3 months.  At any given time, 20-30% of our body hair is in this phase. During this phase, the hair has an abundance of melanin which absorbs light and that is the key target for the laser light. To get the maximum results from the laser, 6 treatments are generally required to achieve 90-95% permanent hair reduction. 

Regressive phase (catagen phase), the dying stage, lasts about 3 days.  During this phase,  the hair stops growing but is not yet shed.  About 3 - 4% of our body hair is in this phase at any given time. Many patients report that after a laser treatment, the targeted hair starts to shed immediately, and can be found on a towel following a shower. We recommend not waxing, plucking or using any methods to remove the hairs following your laser treatments. 

Resting phase (telogen phase), which lasts 4-14 days, at the end of which the hair falls out and a new hair begins to form. Following the laser treatment the hair appears to still grow. These hairs are in fact club (dead) hairs and within 3-4 weeks the new hair from another active growth phase will begin to grow out of the same hair shaft. Remember that even though the hair is growing out of the same hair shaft, the follicle growing is new and is now ready for the laser light. 

The light emitted by the Mediostar XT® is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) located in hair follicles.  Melanin pigments give hair its color, and hair shaft. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, just long enough to vaporize the pigment in the hair follicle- disabling several hair follicles at a time to eliminate or significantly impede the hair's regrowth - but not long enough to damage the surrounding skin. The Mediostar XT® special contact-cooling hand piece further protects the epidermis (upper layer of skin). This patented method of epidermal preservation allows delivery of more laser energy deeper into the hair follicle. 

The  Mediostar XT® removes unwanted body hair and is able to treat a broader range of skin types than most other hair-removal lasers. It is delicate enough for a woman's fine, sensitive skin and robust enough for a man's beard, back, or arms. Traditional techniques such as shaving, plucking and waxing, provide only temporary relief and may actually stimulate hair growth. Electrolysis, while effective, often requires years of ongoing and frequently painful treatments. All of these methods commonly result in scarring, allergic reactions, and ingrown hairs. 

For the treatment, the patient is asked to wear eye protection, and the area that is receiving the treatment needs to be shaved. A small hand piece, or "wand" is placed against the skin and a burst of coolant is applied as the laser is activated, which is repeated over the area. 

The number of sessions will vary for each individual. During the initial visit, the laser light disables those follicles in the "active" phase of the growth cycle. Follicles in the "dormant" phase will not be affected. Since follicles cycle through "active" and "dormant" phases, additional sessions may be desired once the "dormant" follicles become "active". For this reason, we recommend a series of five (5) treatments. 
Laser Hair Removal uses a low-energy laser, which gently disables the follicle from growing hair, which means that gradually, over several treatments, there is a permanent reduction of unwanted hair. Laser Hair Removal targets more than one hair at a time, so it is possible to treat larger and smaller areas such as the back, shoulders, arms, legs, bikini, underarms and face. After your treatment, you can return to your normal activities immediately.

What kind of results can I expect from each treatment?

Each treatment will result in less hair coming back, as well as hair growing progressively lighter in color, finer and slower growing with each treatment.

Growth Cycle of Hair

Your hair grows in cycles. The hair that you see on your body is in the active growth phase.  This is the cycle that laser hair removal is effective.  Because of this, treatments need to be performed every 6-10 weeks (depending on the area) in order to catch all of the hairs when they are in this growth stage. Each individual is different, but depending on the technology used and a few other factors, most people require a series of 5-10 procedures to achieve desired results from laser hair removal

What areas of the body can be treated with Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is safe enough to be used on all body parts including the face, underarms, back, bikini line, legs and arms.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you may require for optimal long-term benefits depends on the area you wish to have treated, the hair density and the hair’s growth cycle. Most people achieve satisfactory clearance after 5-10 treatments.


Areola, Belly Button, Bikini Line, Brow, Cheeks, Chin, Ears, Hands, Sideburns, Toes, Upper Lip


Back or Front of Neck, Full Face/Beard, Full Bikini, Underarms, Upper or Lower Legs


Back, Chest, Front and Back of Neck, Full Brazilian, Full Legs, Stomach/Abdomen


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