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Welcome to The Facial Aesthetic Center of Columbia

» Fight the signs of aging Skippin' & Singin' rather than Kickin' & Screamin'

» Have you ever wished you could better preserve your skin and body?

» Would you like to turn back the hands of time, lose those lines & wrinkles and enjoy the healthy, flawless skin you had during your younger years?

»Ever wanted to rid yourself from hair under your arms, on your legs, or around your bikini area; or men, the hair on your back?



At The Facial Aesthetic Center Medical Spa, our full range of facial and body treatments improve sun-damaged skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce acne, tighten skin, melt body fat and enhance the skin's overall tone and texture. Your skin care needs are as unique as you are and we provide non-invasive skin care procedures and skin nutrition products to restore and rejuvenate a youthful skin appearance and enhance your self-image. Our staff of highly trained and licensed professionals will ensure that you receive expert advice and the safest non-surgical cosmetic treatments available today. We are experts at treating all skin types and skin colors, including ethnic skin.

Our goal at The Facial Aesthetic Center is preserving and protecting your skin in a beautiful, yet controlled, medical environment is what sets us apart and where you will feel genuinely cared for by our staff and completely satisfied with your results.  So, relax and browse our website for more information about how you can complete your journey towards a younger looking you...

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